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Version 5.4.0
May 3, 2018
  • Use Touch ID to log in to healow.
  • Toggle between inbox/outbox messages with one tap!
  • Share body temperature data with your doctor.
  • Preview referrals sent out by your doctor.
  • Keep track of your immunizations.
  • Review patient education right on your phone.
  • Enjoy user experience improvements.
Version 5.3.0
May 16, 2017
  • Our updated healow app includes TeleVisits, letting you see your doctor without leaving the comfort of home. Contact your provider today for more details on how to get started.
  • We've given healow a fresh look and feel to provide better user experience and easier navigation.
  • We've made several quality improvements to ensure healow continues to deliver the healthcare information and functionality you need.

How do I add a journal entry in healow Mom?


To add a journal entry:

1. From the healow wheel, tap Journal.

The app will sign you into the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal account linked to this healow Mom account, and the Journal screen displays.

2. Tap the Tap to post a journal entry

3. Type in the box to enter text for this entry.

4. Tap the camera icon to upload a picture with your entry.

5. Tap Post.


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