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Version 5.4.2
January 22, 2019
  • Bug fixes & improvements
Version 5.4.0
May 3, 2018
  • Use Touch ID to log in to healow.
  • Toggle between inbox/outbox messages with one tap!
  • Share body temperature data with your doctor.
  • Preview referrals sent out by your doctor.
  • Keep track of your immunizations.
  • Review patient education right on your phone.
  • Enjoy user experience improvements.

I asked my practice to change my name in their system and it’s now displaying correctly on my patient portal, but the change is not reflected on my healow app. How do I get my name updated within the healow app?


If your practice has changed your name name within their system and the same information has been updated on your patient portal website, but the name has not been updated on your healow Wellness app, please update your name manually within healow. Just click the Check-In window and tap the person icon in the top-left corner. The window will rotate and you can use the pencil icon in the top-left corner to edit your name. Log out of the healow app once you’re done and log back in to save and view your changes.

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Click Play to view a short video on how to update your name on the healow app.

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