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Example: How do I find my practice with the Practice Code?
Version 5.4.0
May 3, 2018
  • Use Touch ID to log in to healow.
  • Toggle between inbox/outbox messages with one tap!
  • Share body temperature data with your doctor.
  • Preview referrals sent out by your doctor.
  • Keep track of your immunizations.
  • Review patient education right on your phone.
  • Enjoy user experience improvements.
Version 5.3.0
May 16, 2017
  • Our updated healow app includes TeleVisits, letting you see your doctor without leaving the comfort of home. Contact your provider today for more details on how to get started.
  • We've given healow a fresh look and feel to provide better user experience and easier navigation.
  • We've made several quality improvements to ensure healow continues to deliver the healthcare information and functionality you need.

How do I link an account to my own?


To link another account to your main account: 1. Tap Settings: 2. Tap My Accounts: 3. Tap the plus (+) icon: 4. Search for the practice/provider name or the practice code that is associated with the account you want to link: 5. Tap the practice for the account you want to link: 6. Enter the Patient Portal username and password used for that particular account: 7. To select whom the account belongs to, tap This account belongs to. By default, Myself is selected, indicating that the account is your own: 8. Tap Login: 9. Accept the Account Ownership Alert: Your account is now linked.  The dots on the bottom of the wheel indicate the number of accounts linked. Swipe right on the wheel to view the new linked account:    This account is now successfully linked to the main account.  You will be able to view both of these accounts in the My Accounts tab under Settings: Click Play to view a short video on how to link another account to your own.   For additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.